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Painted plate

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Handmade ceramic
clay color: tobacco

15.5cm x 15.5cm
6" x 6"

*Unglazed  back so it's easy to glue any kind of hanger to it.

* It's Glazed with transparent glaze  giving the illusion that might seem cracked if you look closely but the surface is smooth and clear.

* Picture 3 - Packaging that comes with our ceramics.

Uinverso is Nadiuska Furtado & Priscila Furtado, Go check more at  here and  here

We have a limited edition of prints at Magnesia (Barcelona)  Miscelanea (BCN) and ONCE BITTEN (USA),  In Shades Magazine


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All work by Uinverso ( Nadiuska Furtado and Priscila Furtado)